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Wisnu Anggoro

Certified C# Programmer and Experienced C/C++ Developer

  1. Programming GUI Application using C# WPF - XAML - Win Form and C++/CLI Win Form (I am certified C# programmer and have experience with creating various desktop applications for SIM Card Personalisation and other smartcard applications)
  2. Programming Web Application using ASP.NET MVC and ASP.NET Web API (I have experience with creating web applications for smartcard applications)
  3. Programming in C and C++ (I have experience with MCS51 smartcard programming using C and C++)
  4. Embedded System (I have written Undergraduate Final Project about AVR microcontroller programming and have experience with MCS51 smartcard programming)
  5. Designing PCB (I have experience with circuit diagram and PCB design)
  6. Electronic (I have studied Electronic Engineering)















Smart Card






  • May 2018


    Analyst Programmer

  • Aug 2017
    Apr 2018

    Cipta Srigati Lestari

    Senior R&D Software Engineer


    • Researched the newest technologies to develop application solutions, including cross-platform desktop apps, web apps, mobile apps, such as .NET core, javascript (Cordova, React native, or electron), Xamarin, etc.
    • Implemented the research results to develop application solutions for smart card technologies as well as for making workflow of development simpler and easier.
    Research results:
    • On-the-fly Compiler (Using ASP.NET Core MVC).
    • Secure Git (Frontend: WPF App - Backend: ASP.NET Core Web API on Ubuntu).
    • GPS Position Tracker (Frontend: C# and GTK# on Ubuntu - Backend: ASP.NET Core Web API on Ubuntu)

  • Apr 2015
    Aug 2017

    Cipta Srigati Lestari

    Senior Smart Card Software Engineer (Smart Card Tools Team Lead)

    Responsibility: Exactly same with the previous position (Platform Tools Engineer), with the addition of:

    • Supervised Tools Department.
    • Handled and controlled ongoing project as Project Leader.
    • Presented technical training to others staff.
    Achieved Projects as Smart Card Software Engineer:
    • Developed Server Client Application for handling communication between EDC (Electronic Data Capture) machine and Server.
    • Developed Java Card Applet Installer application for running in Mingsen Machine for production.
    • Developed Functional Module for HSM (Hardware Security Module).
    • Developed Perso QC Tool for RUIM.
    Achieved Projects as Smart Card Tools Team Lead:
    • Project Leader of Native SIM card for various GSM telecommunication provider in Indonesia (Telkomsel, Ooredoo, Hutch).

  • Oct 2011
    Apr 2015

    Cipta Srigati Lestari

    Platform Tools Engineer in Research and Development (R&D) Division


    • Developed various desktop applications to communicate smartcard to PC (PC/SC) and other desktop applications to support OS porting process.
    • Ported GSM and RUIM Operating System from one chip type to another.
    • Tested all SIM Card features based on 3GPP 11.14 and other requirements. Documented Software Requirements Specifications, Product Generation Description, etc.
    Achieved Projects:
    • Developed Personalisation Tool for various chip type in GSM and RUIM Technology.
    • Developed Personalisation Tool for Mifare Classic Card (student card and banking payment).
    • Developed XML Explorer for SIM Card.
    • Developed Personalisation Quality Checker Tool to ensure all files have been downloaded successfully.
    • Ported RUIM Operating System from Samsung S3FC9BC Chip to EMTG97 Chip.
    • Ported GSM Operating System from Tongfang THC20F17BD Chip to Xirka XST-SCSIM864 Chip.

  • Nov 2005
    Aug 2008

    Samsung Electronic Indonesia

    PCB Design Engineer in Research and Development (R&D) Division


    • Designed circuit diagram and implementing to Printed Circuit Board (PCB) design.
    • Controlled PCB design progress and arrival which is handled and designed by Overseas Office Branch.
    • Controlled all PCB documentation (schematic, CAD Data, QC Acceptance, QA Acceptance, and other documents related to PCB).
    • Coordinated with Mechanical team in designing component layout and screw-hole position based on casing box design.
    • Coordinated with PCB maker vendors to send raw PCB data (Gerber File) and assign production schedule of Bare PCB.
    • Coordinated with Production team in supplying Bare PCB and guaranteeing the availability of PCB for production process.
    Achieved Projects:
    • Designed DVD Player Main Board, SMPS, Front Panel (DVD P17X & P18X Series) and VCR Main Board (VCR 96XX Series)


  • Sep 2008
    Sep 2011

    University of Indonesia

    Bachelor, Electrical and Electronics Engineering

    Title of Final Project: Design and Implementation of Controlling and Monitoring Tank’s Temperature Web-based System by Using ATMega8535.

  • Sep 2002
    Sep 2005

    State Polytechnic of Jakarta

    Diploma, Electronics Engineering

    Title of Final Project: Design and Implementation of Training Module with PLC and Pneumatic.


MCPS: Microsoft Certified Professional


MS: Programming in C#




(Professional working proficiency) ,

Bahasa Indonesia

(Native or bilingual proficiency)


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